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We are aware that people are being contacted from a company claiming to be associated with us.  Please be aware we DO NOT incentivise our Marketing Activity. We do not run competitions or offer rewards. We also do not contact people for Marketing Purposes from a mobile number.

We are doing all we can to identify the people responsible and will give an update once we have more information. 

Vigeo - from latin meaning 'alive', 'vigorous' and 'effective'

Vigeo  Marketing and Consulting helps businesses with two distinct problems:

 - How do you target, grow and retain responsive, high value customers?

 - How can you transform your sales and marketing function into an effective scalable and professional unit which is geared to growth?

Vigeo's founders have a combined 60 years experience helping businesses to achieve their sales, marketing and customer value goals. 

Vigeo - bringing your sales and marketing dreams to life

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