Vigeo consumer marketing solutions

Vigeo Marketing believe that our job is to provide solutions to our clients problems. With this in mind we have worked with carefully selected partners to bring you the best data, insight and technology alongside the ability to mould this into the optimal solution for your business. This process follows the logical steps of Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Execution.


Customer Insight – at Vigeo it all starts with customer insight. What do your customers and prospects really want and what characteristics define them? Which channels do they prefer, which offers do they value and when do they want to receive them? Which customers are responsive, valuable and loyal? Most importantly, where do I find more of them! Vigeo will help you to find the answers.


Data Quality – ensuring that the data you hold on your customers is accurate, up to date and relevant is of paramount importance. After all, your customers are usually your most valuable asset. Ensuring your data is compliant for the use you put it to is also a fundamental necessity for your business.




Marketing Strategy – having absolute clarity around who you are targeting, with what and when is half the battle. You also need to ensure that your own business is aligned with those objectives and that you have clear KPIs and ROI agreed including the ability to measure those. You may already have this nailed, if not Vigeo is here to help.  



Digital Marketing – in a world of acronyms and geeky one-up-man-ship Vigeo helps you to focus on what matters – results! All you are really interested in is which campaign and digital channel will work best within the timeframes you are looking for? Vigeo and associates can guide you through this minefield.


Building a perfect prospect pool

Building a compliant, accurate, up to date, rich and deep prospect pool is a must for any organisation with growth in mind, there are a multitude of sources, suppliers and techniques to generate such a pool, Vigeo guides you through this maze to create the prospect pool you always dreamed of.


·       List rental – the very best data, compliantly sourced and intelligently selected - you will be surprised what you can get out of list rental now. Vigeo can enlighten you.

·       Lead generation – fresh, responsive customers who have opted into your product or service? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not with Vigeo.

·       Response Analysis – understanding what worked well and what not so well is another crucial aspect of your marketing efforts. Test, learn and optimise with Vigeo.


Cross Channel Marketing

Right place, right time right product – it’s all about consumer relevancy and understand the channel(s) they are most likely to be comfortable with and responsive to.


Technology platforms

Vigeo use state of the art, best in breed tech solutions to solve your marketing conundrums. When it comes to building your internal capacity Vigeo is on hand to consult and advise over what tech solution is right for your needs to help you to make the right choice ad ensure a seamless integration into your infrastructure and processes.


Compliance – ensuring the data, services and solutions, we supply to your business, are 100% compliant is critical.  With a keen eye on all relevant legislation from the DPA, PECR and the upcoming GDPR to the latest advice from the ICO and the DMA, Vigeo is at the forefront.